Natalie Purvis

Holding a MSc in Occupational Psychology and a BSc in Psychology, Natalie focuses on the human aspects of operations at Virgo Networks.

Having occupied roles in training and development, process management and customer service, Natalie has also gained a number of years experience as a tax specialist working in the UK Civil Service. With these skills Natalie helps ensure that our procedures and process are compliant with all appropriate laws and regulations, in addition to offering insights into ease of use for our customers.

Something of a dare-devil, Natalie has always been eager to test her ability and find new challenges, with previous activities including zip-lining, bungee jumping, wind surfing and shooting. Her current ambition is to complete a sky-dive – a feat many would feel uneasy just thinking about!

Natalie is an accomplished flautist, having undertaken formal tuition and grading, and giving public performances. English literature and poetry is also a subject of keen interest to Natalie, with her favourite works including those of Shakespeare, Byron, Wilde, Shelley, Keats and other classics.

Job Title: Company Secretary